The Advent Event is a fun, easy, and enriching family activity to help focus attention on the event of the birth of Jesus while discovering the big picture of God's plan throughout the entire Bible. Kids of all ages will enjoy the craft, stories, sounds and motions that walk throughout the whole bible, with special emphasis on Christmas day.

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Start A New Tradition

Each day in December brings a new story to tell, a new motion to learn, and most importantly, a special family time that Moms and Dads can use to connect to the deep, spiritual significance of Christmas; the birth of Jesus, our Savior.

Just 15 Minutes Each Day in December Can
Build a Lifetime of Memories.


The Full Story
of Scripture

The Advent Event is about more than Christmas day. It is a walk though many well know and theologically important stories of the Bible that help to teach children about the character of God and the unfolding story of redemption.


The Meaning
of Christmas

The Advent Event spends several days leading up to Christmas telling the different aspects of the Christmas story, punctuating the special event of the greatest gift mankind has ever received, the perfect Lamb of God in the baby Jesus.


to Cherish

With all of the busyness of everyday life, capturing special moments can be so important to the family. The Advent Event is designed for parents to set aside special time with their kids in each day December to learn, sing, laugh, and enjoy.

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How The Advent Event Works

It's easy. Really. You don't need to be a Pastor or have a Theology degree to create an enjoyable and memorable impact on your Christmas celebration. Just follow these simple steps and you are on your way to creating some fantastic new holiday memories.


Just once:

Hang a string or color yarn to hold the ornaments.


Just once or each evening in December:

Color and cut out the thirty-one Advent Event ornaments.


Each day in December:

Hang that day's ornament, light a candle, read the story.


Each day in December:

Learn and practice the hand motion for the lesson of the day.


Each day in December:

Review all the motions and sounds from the beginning.


Each day in December:

Sing a few carols & Pray

...and it continues until New Years Eve

The Advent Event does not end on Christmas day. For the week from Christmas till New Years Eve, continue with daily events from the New Testament to help round out the full scope of the Bible, ending with our anticipation Jesus' triumphant return.

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Download More Coloring Pages

The Advent Event coloring pages are available here as a PDF ready to print, color and cut. Plus, if you need more copies, come back and download them again for next year.

Download The Advent Event Coloring Pages

About Us

The Advent Event is a labor of love put together by three family members with a heart for kids and a desire to see God glorified in the home. We are Christian parents who have seen first hand how truth filled, biblically based projects can be a great blessing to families with kids of all ages. We hope this project will be a blessing to you as well.

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