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How The Advent Event Works

It's easy. Really. You don't need a Bible degree or a teaching certificate to make an enjoyable and memorable impact on your Christmas celebration. Just follow these simple steps and you are off and running.

Step 1
Just once:
Hang a string to hold the ornaments.
Step 2
Just once or each evening in December:
Color and cut out the thirty-one Advent Event ornaments that come included in the kit.
Each evening in December:
Hang that day's ornament, light a candle, read the story.
Step 4
Each evening in December:
Learn and practice the hand motion that corresponds with the lesson of the day.
Step 5
Each evening in December:
Review each day's motions and sounds from the beginning of the month until that day's story.
Step 6
Each evening in December:
Pray and sing a few carols.