The Advent Event

Have you been disappointed with the way the Christmas season has been commercialized? Much of remembering the birth of Jesus has been lost to shopping, obligation and business. That's why The Advent Event was created.

The Advent Event is an easy, fun and enriching family project to help focus attention on the event of the birth of Jesus while discovering the big picture of God's plan throughout the entire Bible. Kids of all ages can enjoy the craft, stories, sounds and motions that lead through significant events in Biblical history, with special emphasis on Christmas day. Each day in December has a new story to tell, a new motion to learn, and most importantly, a special family time that Moms and Dads can use to reconnect to the missing spiritual significance of Christmas; the birth of Jesus, our Savior.

We hope you take the time to explore and learn more about this great family activity and decide to make it a part of your holiday tradition.

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Read What Others Are Saying About The Advent Event:

"The Advent Event is a great teaching tool for showing that Christmas is more than just a holiday but that Jesus is the culmination of God's plan of salvation."
- Grace, Home-schooling Mom, North Carolina

"We have used the Advent Event with our grandchildren. We've learned a lot and had a lot of fun too!"
- Linda, Grandmother of 14, Michigan

"The Advent Event is an interactive tool and I couldn’t think of a better way to share the stories of the Bible; especially at Christmas time when we honor the birth of Christ"
- Tara, Mother of 3,Georgia

"A creatively fun and relevant way to open the eyes of your kids to the bigger picture of Christmas. Our whole family loved it."
- Greg, Senior Pastor, Indiana